Why do I need a Automatic Pet Feeder?

Feeding your pet once a day is not the best way to feed your pet. Veterinarians advise you to feed your pet at least twice a day. Especially when having puppies or kittens, it is important to spread a lot of small meals throughout the day. By doing this, the transition from their mother's milk to pet food will be smoother.

Introducing The Automatic Pet Feeder.

We proudly introduce our brand new Automatic Pet Feeder. People sometimes don't have the time to feed their pet multiple times a day, but it is healthier to spread the meals throughout the day, as recommended by vets. You can now schedule up to 4 meals at the time. Keep your pet healthy by scheduling its meals!

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The Design.

The Automatic Pet Feeder features a revolutionary design. To start off with, it has an intelligent control panel which makes setting up the meals a piece of cake. In addition to that, the feeder has a detachable, pet-safe metal feeding bowl. Moreover, it features a food tank capable of storing 4.5 litres of pet food. The clean, modern design definitely won't be a thorn in the eye. 

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The perfect automatic feeder for every pet!

Improve your pet's health and flexibility in your life with one solution.

How would feel when your get your food hours later? Besides the fact that it would probably make you sad, it's also not healthy to eat your meal at different times throughout the week.

Our main goal is to keep your pet healthy. We strive to accomplish this by providing you with our Automatic Pet Feeder.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to do whatever you want without the need to go back home to feed your pet on time?

Whether you're not home all day, or out when your pet should receive its food, you can enjoy your day with the soothing feeling of knowing that your pet will receive its food at the perfect time.